How to attract a girl?  Read on. A lot of guys are going out at night to bars or clubs with the mindset of being nice or cool.  This is a not a bad thing or even a bad way to start the night.  Start the night being social, and then when you feel comfortable push the boundaries into being seductive.

Being seductive is being the douchebag.  I say douchebag in a loving way, really.  Douchebags are not afraid of taking up time, space, attention. They go up to beautiful women right away and feel entitled to them. They make no apologies for their behavior and they don’t get butthurt if the woman doesn’t like them.  In their douchebag worldview they’re not the problem, something must be wrong with the woman if she doesn’t like him. It doesn’t occur to them to find out “how to attract a girl”, they’re just enjoying their own world thinking they’re Captain Awesome from Planet Badass.

When you’re out at a bar or club at night, and you’re being Mr. Friendly Nice Guy, only be that way if it’s genuinely how you feel inside. Don’t be Mr. Friendly Nice Guy to hide your true intentions for the woman you’re interacting with or because some of misguided idea that this is “how to attract a girl”. If you truly are MFNG and you have no interest in the woman, be true to that. Only be that way if it’s genuinely how you feel inside over the night or the course of your life. Just know that the typical MFNG is not really attractive, and is typically pegged as an orbiter chump who’ll wind up with the bar tab.  Choose to be the douchebag.  Even if you start out the night as MFNG, that’s okay. You have to give yourself time to gain momentum and unlock into the douchebag guy.




Douchebag guy thinks he’s awesome, that every woman loves him, and he’s the life of the party.  Some of us weren’t born intuitively going out and demonstrating this behavior.  Maybe your father wasn’t around in the house to teach you how to “be a man” (a phrase I really dislike, by the way) or you were so introverted you’ve been conditioned to not fully express your personality. They don’t have to figure out “how to attract a girl”.

Women date douchebags not because of their delusions, but because of their boldness.  When you can compartmentalize your life-work role, family role, learning role, and going out role, you can activate these different traits.  We’re all born with this innate ability to attract women. You and I are here because our fathers got the girl, and his father, and his father, and his father, etc.  We already are the champions. Be bold.

When you go out, work at building momentum through the night by first socializing with people.  Then push the boundaries into more douchebag behavior: grabbing girls, yelling, dancing like a spaz.  You will develop that muscle which has been weak and neglected. When the woman realizes the douchebag behavior is only one part of a multifaceted personality you possess, she’ll feel like she’s hit the jackpot.  This guy can be the party and he’s smart, emotionally intelligent and self-actualized?  Winner.

When you’re out hitting up the club, don’t be Steve Carrell in the 40 Year Old Virgin, be Steve Carrell from The Office-but with game. That’s how to attract a girl.


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